ENGAGEMENT is an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian arts field.

The movement was formed in the wake of #MeToo (2017) after countless instances of sexual harassment came to light in the Belgian dance community. Since then, ENGAGEMENT has transformed into an organised platform active across all artistic disciplines, doing work in the professional as well as the educational sphere.

As a low-threshold, peer-to-peer initiative, ENGAGEMENT offers support to individuals and communities facing transgressive behaviour, discrimination and/or unfair practices in the arts. We are continuously in conversation with organisations wanting to create safer and more inclusive working environments.

ENGAGEMENT has also taken an active role in the initiative against harassment launched by the Flemish Department of Culture, Youth and Media in 2018.

In our work, we approach sexual harassment and gender-based violence through the lens of intersectional feminism. ENGAGEMENT stands in solidarity with everyone fighting sexism, racism, ableism, and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.


For more information or to sign the open call for ENGAGEMENT, please send an email to

Contact persons & Coordinators

Engagement Brussels: Anneleen Lemmens and Ilse Ghekiere

Engagement Gent: Melissa Mabesoone

Trust persons & People who do Engagement work: Aike Roodenburg, Jacopo Buccino, Josefien Cornette, Eline De Clercq, Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Ilse Ghekiere, Justine Maxelon, Anneleen Lemmens, Melissa Mabesoone, Anna Muchin, ...